Nicola Hein

Nicola L. Hein (*1988 in Düsseldorf) is a guitarist, composer and sound artist. He is studying Jazzguitar, Philosophy, Soundart and German philology at Friedrich-Wilhelms University Bonn and Gutenberguniversity Mainz.

As a guitarist he is mainly concerned about the search for new sounds on his instrument. He plays electric and acoustic guitar with or without preparations and tries to find new ways of playing the guitar within the context of free improvised music and Jazz. He plays the guitar with his hands and plectrum but also with a lot of different objects: screws, rulers, iron wool, violin bow, abrasive paper, magnets and many other objects which are part of his musical vocabulary.

As sound artist he is mainly involved with sound installations which involve the recipient as a part of the actual work, because the work has to be played by the recipient. The works encourage the recipient to make a special aesthetic experience with different sounds. The aesthetic of these sounds is inspired by the aesthetics of free improvised music.

He has worked with: Paul Lytton, Phil Minton, John Russell, Michael Vorfeld, Rudi Mahall, Christian Lillinger, Axel Dörner, Thomas Lehn, Tobias Delius, Tristan Honsinger, Audrey Chen, Etienne Nillesen, Peter Jacquemyn, Robert Landfermann, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Paul Hubweber, Philip Zoubek, Matthias Muche, Sebastian Gramss, Frank Paul Schubert, Ignaz Schick, Korhan Erel, Alfred Zimmerlin, Harald Kimmig etc.


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