UnStumm Kuala Lumpur

First Impressions of UnStumm Kuala Lumpur at Toccata concert space, 27 February 2018,
which was part of the AsiaTour 2018.

It was supported by the Goethe Institut Kuala Lumpur and the Ministry of Culture, NorthrhineWestfalia, Germany.
– curated and organized by Nicola L. Hein and Claudia Schmitz

The team consists of

Sarah Ameera – videoart (www.tsameera.com)
Fairuz Sulaiman – videoart (https://fairuzsulaiman.com)
Siew-Wai Kok – voice (https://koksiewwai.wordpress.com/about/)
Yong Yandsen – saxophon (http://www.otooto.jp/yong-yandsen)

Nicola L. Hein – guitar (http://www.nicolahein.com)
Claudia Schmitz – moving image on sculpture (http://www.cces-claudiaschmitz.de)
Axel Dörner – trumpet, electronics (http://axeldoerner.org)
Luis Negrón van Grieken – videoart (http://mis.audiovisiones.info/)

photos and video by Mark Joshua Morris, Goethe-Institut  Kuala Lumpur, Luis Negrón van Grieken, Claudia Schmitz

Kindly supported by

Special Thanks go to: Mark Joshua Morris, Goethe-Institut Kuala Lumpur, RAW Art Space, Tyebeng Tse