UnStumm Tokyo

First Impressions of UnStumm Tokyo at SuperDeluxe, 15 February 2018,
which was part of the AsiaTour 2018.

It was supported by the Ministry of Culture, Northrhine-Westfalia.
– curated and organized by Nicola L. Hein and Claudia Schmitz

The team consists of

中村としまる Toshimaru Nakamura – no-input mixer (http://www.toshimarunakamura.com)
秋山徹次(ギタTetuzi Akiyama – guitar (http://www.japanimprov.com/takiyama/index.html)
中山晃子 Akiko Nakayama – videoart (http://www.akiko.co.jp/akikoweb/top.html)
ハラタ アツシ Atsushi Harata – videoart (http://aohpalight.tumblr.com/)

Nicola L. Hein – guitar (http://www.nicolahein.com)
Claudia Schmitz – moving image on sculpture (http://www.cces-claudiaschmitz.de)
Axel Dörner – trumpet, electronics (http://axeldoerner.org)
Luis Negrón van Grieken – videoart (http://mis.audiovisiones.info/)

photos and Videos by Masafumi Tsuji, Kaethe Wenzel, Luis Negrón van Grieken, Claudia Schmitz

Kindly supported by

Special Thanks go to: Masafumi Tsuji, Takafumi Tsuji​, Florian, Kaethe Wenzel, SuperDeluxe