UnStumm Wiesbaden

First impressions of UnStumm – Wiesbaden which was part of the Festival “Aufs Ganze gehen II” (“Going all out II”) in Wiesbaden, Germany –  a Festival at the intersection between sound art, fine arts and live-video-performance.

This was the first UnStumm concert in the focus of an inner German (resident in Germany) communication.

The participating artists from Germany will be:
Axel Dörner – trumpet, electronics (http://axeldoerner.org)
Luis Negrón van Grieken – video art (http://mis.audiovisiones.info/)
Nicola L. Hein – guitar (http://www.nicolahein.com)
Claudia Schmitz – moving image, livedrawing onto sculptures (http://www.cces-claudiaschmitz.de)


photos by Viola Yip , Videodocumentation by Frank Hemming

The Festival Aufs Ganze gehen was kindly supported by


Special Thanks go to: Viola Yip, Frank Hemming and the Festival-Team