UnStumm Singapore

On November 10, 2016 the UnStumm team from Germany was a part of an exciting project called the Irish Circus, a multinational, multicultural group of German, Australian, Singaporean and American performers staging a music circus loosely inspired by John Cage’s “Roaratorio”. The performance was a combination of the UnStumm principle of intercultural audio-individual improvised performance and a multidisciplinary stage experience that brings the audience on an audio-visual journey through James Joyce’s classic text Finnegan’s Wake by way of John Cage’s mysteriously-titled music score: “____,_____ _____ circus on _____”. UnStumm meets Cage in Singapore!

The Irish Circus / UnStumm was produced by LASALLE’s School of Contemporary Music, supported by The Ireland Fund Singapore in association with British Alumni Singapore, The Arts Council of Ireland, Cultural Matching Fund as well as the Goethe Institut.

The team consists, in alphabetical order, of

Korhan Erel, computer, controllers
Sven Hahne, live visuals
Nicola Hein, guitar
Lillevan, live visuals
Tim O’Dywer, meta saxophone
Brian O’Reilly, interactive objects, modular synths
Sara Jane Scaife, text, spoken word
Claudia Schmitz, live visuals

as well as students of LASALLE’s Electronic Music Department and Media Lab.


photos by Kaethe Wenzel, Claudia Schmitz

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Special Thanks go to: Kaethe Wenzel